Rhea A.

Eddie's passion for the game of golf is also demonstrated in his coaching. He loves what he does and is great at it. Eddie teaches in a way that makes learning fun and simple. He will work on only one pointer at a time until he knows you have it. Eddie has coached both my husband and myself for 6 years now and has helped us improve and enjoy golf to the fullest. Rhea has dropped her golf handicap from 25 to 15!
- Rhea A.

Neil B

I've been getting lessons from Eddie for a few months now. He is fantastic! My game has improved a lot, in some areas by leaps and bounds, and I showed immediate improvement after my first lesson. Rather than try to make sweeping changes to my homegrown swing, it's all about just experiencing new "feels". I could not be more satisfied. Golfer that lost faith in his game and now its back. Shot a career best even par 72 this season!
- Neil B

Richard M.

I have been working with Eddie for three years. He has helped me simplify my game and improve all aspects. I find sometimes i get too technical and swing focused and i can go into a slump. He has helped me create a game plan for my improvement that includes all areas of the game. I really enjoy the on course playing lessons he does. With his help, I have won the mens club championship 3 years in a row at Deerfield. Thanks Eddie! 3 handicap and Deerfield Club Champion
- Richard M.